Astrology is the oldest branch of knowledge in human history. It has influenced human mind to a great extent. Astrology deals with the movements of the planetary motion including Sun and Moon and other celestial bodies on the physical and mental behaviors of human beings.

The main aspects of Astrology, namely
1. The influence of the time of birth and corresponding planetary position and those of the Sun and the Moon with respect to the place of birth of the human being.
2. The influence of the diurnal motion of the planets and other celestial bodies, on the individuals, and their long range control on human beings.
The chart showing the configuration of planets at the time of birth of an individual is called horoscope. The diurnal movements of planets are provided in Almanacs' [Panchagam]. The long range effects of the planets etc., are known as 'Dasa' 'untara Dasa's . They are calculated from the position of planets in the chart. Astrology helps to predict events both physical and mental. It also helps to take preventive measures to lessen their evil effects on the individual. Hence Astrology is gaining importance around the world.
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Vasthu is an important branch of the Astrology. It indicates the effects of the abode or living place of an individual. Each planet has a presiding direction. So, the abode of man is influenced by the combined effect of different directions of the house. Hence the happiness of a living place depends on its construction and consequent influence of the planets and other celestial bodies.
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It is the branch of making predictions based on Numbers. A Number is assigned to an individual based on date of Birth. In the absence of date of birth the number is assigned based on his name. Predictions are given based on both the numbers assigned to the Individual.
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